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The Nautigals of CBC is the auxiliary club for the first mates of active members. The objective of the Nautigals is to work together as a family unit for the pleasure & the betterment of members & their guests. Throughout fundraising events, the Nautigals have been able to furnish many new items needed around the club such as:

      -Stove in the kitchen

      -Swings on the playground

      -Life rings around the docks

      -Deck furniture

      -Flowers for the beds and pots

      -Paddle boat

      -A/C unit for the Ladies' room

      -New playground area mulch

The current Nautigal officers are:

      President –Lisa Lesperence

      Vice President – Available!

      Treasurer – Karen Zappitelli

      Secretary – Deb Tyler

The Nautigals meet the first Friday of each month, April through October, in the TV room while the members are meeting in the main room of the clubhouse.

New Nautigals are always welcome!

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